House clearance is not a problem

Clearance. Doing a house clearance is not an easy thing. For example, because of the simple fact that there are a lot of rooms and in each one there is a piece of furniture with many things inside. House clearance is much harder than the apartment clearance since you are compelled to clear all rooms. Not only those in which you live every day, but also those which are used rarely. As for the latter ones, good examples are attics, basements, corridors and the staircase. In such place we keep many things as well.

House clearance  done on your own. Of course, you can do this alone and disassemble furniture and later take it to the dump. But you should ask yourself only one question – is it really worth? Especially, when there are lots of professional companies offering such services at a low cost. Not to mention the fact you’re going to lose a lot of time. This is not the best possible option. Physical workers are those who are able to help you. Continue reading » House clearance is not a problem


Ecological house clearance

Ecology and clearance. Does these two things have anything in common? A lot of. We can make every house clear in two ways. The first one is throwing different things out anywhere not caring about how long they will stay there and how much they will contaminate the environment. We can also take advantage of professional help. If you care for the natural environment, you’d better choose the second option. Having your things burnt in your furnace is entirely out of the question! Don’t try to get rid of old clothes and shoes in that way. The same is with washing machines, dishwashers and fridges. You’re not allowed to leave unnecessary computers, stereos and TV sets anywhere you want. Apart from the financial punishment you could get for this, they do serious harm to the environment in which we have to live. Continue reading » Ecological house clearance


Clearance for houses on sale

You’re selling a house? And you know that the buyer wants you to make it completely empty? If so, you’re facing a big challenge. It’s because every house is a building with many rooms equipped with many items. All these things must be got rid of, disassembled, loaded into a truck and taken to a place in which such kind of waste is accepted. But it’s still not the end; you also need to organize less used rooms which are often cluttered as well. Yes, you guessed it right. We’re talking about basement and attic. What is more, something should be done with electronic devices that you have at your disposal. Don’t know how to tackle this problem? The only one good advice is professional house clearance. Continue reading » Clearance for houses on sale